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The West Island Network Community Action and Impact Team (CAIT) is a group of volunteers from many west island churches who meet together once a month to learn about what’s happening in the WI, discuss initiatives / strategies and work together for the good of our community. 

CAITeam members are the point person from their church who relay our findings, action steps and WIN initiatives to their church community. They also help implement and encourage events like the Big Give and Annual Prayer Breakfast. 

It was our CAITeam that together researched hidden poverty in the West Island and created the Love Your Neighbours initiative.

Interested in Joining?

We accept 1-2 people from each church, recommended by their pastor/elder/priest, who have a heart for community engagement, church unity/collaboration and creating transformational impact in the WI. We also work closely with community organizations and the Table de Quartier to learn and collaborate with other city initiatives. Please contact us if you’re interested in joining!

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