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Our Work

Below are just some of the initiatives and projects WIN is leading in the West Island. If you would like to learn more or get involved - please contact us.

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Community Engagement

The West Island network is actively engaged in the community of the West Island. We are partnered with the Table de Quartier du Sud de l'Ouest de l'Île as well as the Table de Quartier du Nord de l'Ouest to l'Île. We work with community organizations to ensure that the church is present in and blessing the West Island community.

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The Community Action and Impact Team is formed of volunteers from the member churches of the West Island Network who meet together once a month to learn about what’s happening in the West Island. The CAITeam develops strategies and initiatives to bless our community and mobilizes their church communities to support this work.

Pastor's Prayer

Twice a month the pastors of Network and partner churches gather to pray for each other and for the blessing of the West Island.

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The West Island Network hosts several events throughout the year, from prayer gatherings to community engagement workshops, check out what we're up to!

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